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Reaching your health goals starts with changing how you THINK about food, exercise, and your body

Most health programs only focus on nutrition and exercise. Chances are you're already overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there on these topics. 

And while nutrition and exercise are obviously important to a healthy lifestyle, there's a good reason why they are rarely successful - they are missing a critical piece - how you manage your mind.

The most important skill you can develop on your journey towards health is how to manage the thoughts and emotions behind your current eating habits.

Few programs even mention the role your brain plays, never mind give you the tools you need to manage your mind.

The bottom line is that you have to make fundamental changes in the way you THINK about food, exercise, your body, and the way you're going to live to achieve your health goals.

In this Getting Started Guide, you'll learn how to take the initial steps to manage your mind to get you set up for success.

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Hi there! I'm Michelle 

I am an emergency physician in Alberta, Canada. I am also an overweight woman who has struggled for decades with my own health and body image. I have spent my adult life constantly battling emotional eating and bingeing.

As a physician I understood the nutritional aspects of healthy living, but having the knowledge wasn't enough to produce the changes I wanted in my body. And so I pursued extra training in life coaching, nutrition coaching, the science of habits and eating psychology. And this is where the magic is. There is so much work that needs to happen on the inside before we can see changes on the outside. 

I founded Wayza Health to help successful, professional women who, after years of struggling, understand that optimal health is more than calories-in-calories-out. I want to help women listen to that quiet voice inside that tells them there is deeper work to be done when it comes to food and body image. 

I once heard a Swahili phrase while working in Tanzania: Wanawake Wanaweza. This means "women can". And yes, women definitely can. So welcome to Wayza Health - where women can break free from self-criticism, judgment and shame and move towards complete health, in both body and mind.

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