The Beginning

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Have you ever felt like you were in a fog while you were eating? 


You find yourself eating when you don’t really want to be, and you feel urges and cravings that seem so impossible to resist. Trying to take responsibility when I also felt so powerless in the face of food was a difficult thing to do.


I like using the garden metaphor to explain what’s going on here. You plant a seed in the soil, and then some time later, the seedling pops up. A whole bunch of biology and nature occurs deep down in the soil before that seedling ever emerges. We love to watch the garden grow, but we rarely think about what’s going on under the soil.


All of our eating behaviors – the overeating, binging, emotional eating, the fog eating – it’s like the plant we see on the surface. But it’s the stuff that’s going on deeper inside us, this is where everything really stems from. 


Here’s the truth of it all: If you don’t have the results you want , it’s because you aren’t taking the actions needed to get those results. Usually this is because you’re focusing on what’s going on on the outside, rather than the inside.


This is why so many diets fail. Most weight loss programs are focused on the plants, not the soil. They are all about the actions – what to eat, when to eat it, how to move your body. And you may very well get the results you want! But chances are good you’ll gain all your weight back before long. Why? Because you haven’t addressed the root causes of your overeating. You’re relying on willpower to get the job done. Eventually, your willpower runs out and you fall back to your same old eating habits.


If you want weight loss results that last, you have to pull your old habits out by the roots. This means you have to take a look at the thoughts and feelings you have that are driving your actions.


Doing this is a skill that takes lots of practice and patience.  Once you understand this you see that your thoughts cause your feelings and your feelings drive you to take action. Then it’s our actions that create our results. 


Here’s where the power lies in all of this: You can decide on purpose, how to think and feel in a way that produces the results you want. Start by paying attention to the thoughts you are having in your mind. Thoughts can be tricky, they can be subtle. So you have to be really intentional about taking the time to observe your thoughts. 


One of the most common objections I hear from my clients when I talk about this is that they don’t have any thoughts. Or that the the problem is that they just really like food. Well, on the surface that may be true, but there’s almost something deeper going on that’s driving you to eat more than what your body needs. This is where our real work lies.


But once you figure this all out, taking the actions you need to get the weight loss results you want, will feel almost effortless.


And I know we’ll get there together.


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