Social Media and the Comparison Game


It has been estimated that 48% of the world’s population is active on social media. And although there are many benefits of social media, there can also be less desirable consequences from its use. For example, studies consistently show that social media use is linked with decreased self-esteem and increased depression. There are also many studies showing that exposure to appearance-related content on social media results in greater body dissatisfaction and a desire to be thinner.

And this isn’t really surprising, given that social media feeds tend to be full of carefully curated, posed, filtered and edited photos of celebrities and friends.

 But here’s what might be more surprising to hear: scrolling through Instagram can have negative effects on mental health in just 7 minutes, according to a recent study done at Northwestern University.

And, a previous study from York University found that women who posted selfies on social media reported feeling more...

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