The Magical 10,000 Steps


Many people have the goal of obtaining 10,000 steps per day. Have you ever wondered where that magical number of 10,000 steps came from? Interestingly, it didn’t come from science. In fact, it originated from Japan in 1965, with a company that sold pedometers. The Japanese name for this gadget translates to “the 10,000 step meter”. And thus a trend was born.

However, since collecting 10,000 daily steps became trendy, lots of research has been done to support the notion.

Here’s what we know:

One of the benefits of exercise when it comes to weight loss is that we tend to metabolize fat at a higher rate after exercise. However, prolonged inactivity, such as sitting at your desk job all day, puts you in a state of exercise resistance. This means that you don’t see the usual improvements to your metabolism or cardiovascular health that you normally see after a workout.

And this is where the magic of the 10,000 daily steps comes in. A study from the...

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