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In this Self Care Workbook you'll learn:


Your love language

When we talk about "love languages", we're usually talking about how we share love with other people. But what if we applied it to ourselves?


Identifying your true needs

Self-care is more than bath bombs and pedicures. Of course, these things are a lovely treat, but when you really need self-care, what you need to turn to are the things that really feed your soul..


Creating a self-care routine

Once you know what activiites truly feed your soul, it's time to make a plan to include more of them in your life.

A Note

From Michelle Tubman


Like many women, I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. There was a time I would have called myself a professional dieter - if I wasn't actively trying to lose weight, I was agonizing over my weight and thinking about food literally all the time.

Eventually I was just done with it all. I was exhausted, miserable, and I truly believed weight loss wasn't possible for me. So I just stop trying. And then something magical happened.

I started to notice all the times I wanted food - when I was tired, bored, lonely, and especially when I was anxious. I hired a coach and did a ton of work learning how to manage those emotions in a different way. I learned how to separate food and feelings, and without even trying, I started losing weight.

And one big reason for that is I started truly caring for myself..not just my body, but my heart and soul as well. The exercisse in this Self Care workbook helped me create a routine of self-care that I continue to this day. I hope you enjoy it.