Stop dieting and finally lose your weight for good


You've wasted enough time fighting with your body. It's time to truly find freedom from food.



Most women trying to lose weight are struggling because...

✓ They don't have a relationship with food and their body that leaves them feeling nourished and fulfilled each day

✓ They don't have the confidence to relax around food and enjoy what they choose to eat

✓ They are thinking about food (or their weight) all the time and can't focus on more important life goals

✓ Guilt and shame still rule their relationship with food 

✓ They can't stick to healthy habits because they're doing them for the wrong reasons

 If you're ready to see results and experience a true transformation inside and out, join me and meet the women who are accomplishing this every day.

I know that you're frustrated.

You’ve tried ALL the diets out there. You’ve done the work.

But you always end up gaining the weight back. 

You have the diet notebook that tracks the macros, points, calories and the thousand other rules that surround losing weight, and you’re wondering, “What am I missing?”

You’ve tried every diet fad and weight loss program out there- but the change was minimal and short-lived. 

And, you’re sick and tired of constantly thinking about food and your body. It’s all-consuming.

The truth is, it makes sense that you are ready to throw in the towel on your weight loss goals.

I’ve been there and it’s a lonely place.

The weight loss course that gives you the tools and support you need to lose your weight for the very last time AND find true freedom from food.

A comprehensive course that covers WHY you haven’t been able to lose weight and HOW to work with your body and mind to find success.

A truly unique weight loss program that helps you:

✓ Understand your relationship with food

✓ Reset your body’s cravings

✓ Craft a food protocol that works for YOUR life & tastebuds

✓ Manage the thoughts and feelings that affect your cravings and urges for food

✓ Develop new healthy habits that will last a lifetime. 


Here is what you can expect from Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind

Develop a naturally healthy relationship with food, relying on your own body signals to tell you when, what and how much to eat

Build the confidence to live the life you want now, at any weight

Find freedom from constantly obsessing about food, worrying about what to eat, and stressing about the effects of food on your body

Gain control over stress eating, emotional eating, and crazy food cravings

Create a go-to tool kit so you can lose your weight and keep it off for good

Our mission is to get your brain and body working together by helping you figure out:

How to ENJOY the weight loss journey so it doesn't feel like punishment

How to manage stress and other difficult emotions in a healthy way so you aren't turning to food or another glass of wine to cope

What to eat to keep you feeling satisfied, energized, and vibrant

How to stay on track even when life gets in the way

How to recover from setbacks and stop self-sabotaging

How to treat yourself and your body with LOVE instead of constant negativity

How amazing does that sound?


Here is a breakdown of what’s inside the Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind Program

Getting Started

Learn what you need to be successful

Confidence comes from being prepared. This module is all about tapping into your deep reasons for wanting to lose weight, understanding the obstacles that are standing in your way, identifying your superpowers, and creating a plan for success. You'll also learn how to measure your progress on your weight loss journey...there is so much more than the number on the scale to consider.

Foundational Habits for Weight Loss

Master essential skills for weight loss and healthy living

Learn about the five foundational habits required for permanent weight loss. You'll learn all the tips and tricks you'll need to master these habits. You'll also learn how to celebrate your successes as your progress on your weight loss journey.

Eating To Fuel Your Body

Learn how to nourish your body to support your weight loss 

This is NOT another diet. In this module, you will learn how to tune into your body and craft an eating plan that makes sense for your body, your goals and your food preferences. There is simply no one-size-fits all approach. It's about finding what works best for YOU. Learning these skills means that you'll NEVER have to diet again. As your body changes, you will know exactly what you need to do to maintain your weight loss, through pregnancies, menopause, and everything in between.


Michelle Tubman

Managing Cravings

Learn how to manage your mind to support your weight loss

In this module you will learn what food cravings are, why you have them, and how to manage them without restricting yourself or relying on willpower. Cravings are excellent messengers. You'll learn how to hear what they're trying to tell you, and how to fulfill your deeper needs.

Emotional Eating

Learn how to manage your emotions to support your weight loss

If you struggle with eating when you're bored, tired, stressed, lonely, angry, (or happy!), or to soothe yourself after a bad day, this module is for you. You'll learn why you get in the cycle of emotional eating, and how to step out of it once and for all. We'll also address body image and the importance of self-care in this module.

Michelle Tubman

Managing Mindset

Learn how to manage your mind to support your weight loss

In this module you will learn how to change your thoughts around food, your body, and weight loss. This allows a true transformation from the inside out. You'll meet your Inner Critic and learn how to turn her into your greatest cheerleader. You'll also learn how to manage weight loss plateaus - these are a necessary part of the weight loss journey and overcoming them is all about managing your mindset. 

Moving Into Maintenance

Learn how to maintain your weight loss

By this point in the course, you will have mastered all the skills needed to lose your weight. The good news is that these are also the skills you'll need to keep your weight off for good, and to maintain a healthy relationship with food forever. In this module, you'll learn how to apply the tools you already know to the maintenance stage of your weight loss.

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Add-On Options to Consider


#1- The Nourishment Lounge

This is an optional monthly membership we provide to give you the extra accountability and support you need on your weight loss journey. In the membership you have access to weekly group coaching calls and a private community of like-minded women where you can join an accountability group and get unlimited written coaching. There are also monthly workshops by guest coaches, guided journaling sessions and book clubs all designed to ensure your weight loss success. You can join when you sign up today OR anytime in the future when you are ready.

#2- Private Coaching

We offer private 1:1 coaching packages. These include twelve 20-min sessions that you can schedule any time you need them. You can use these sessions to get answers to your questions, ask for guidance, troubleshoot your obstacles, or get coaching on literally any topic that you're grappling with. You can add this package on when you purchase the course today, or you can purchase them separately whenever you need.

#3SOS Coaching calls

If you aren't ready to sign up for coaching quite yet, not to worry, we have you covered! We offer single 20-min SOS coaching sessions that you can purchase anytime you need them. You'll have access to them immediately after purchasing the course. There are $60 per session.

Reach your Goals Now - Join Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind

$279 CAD

One time payment

  • Lifetime access
  • 7 modules with videos, worksheets, guided meditations and resources
  • Digital and print version of daily planner
  • Lessons on a private podcast for your convenience
  • Option to upgrade at any time to monthly membership for additional support and accountability
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Best Value

Thrive Coaching Package - Your All-Access pass

$1,700 CAD

Payment plan avualab

The Thrive Package is your all-access pass and includes:

  • The Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind course
  • 12 private 1:1 coaching sessions that you can use ANY time
  • One year membership inside The Nourishment Lounge
  • A care package mailed to your door
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Gain Momentum with Private Coaching Package

$899 CAD

Payment plan available

With the Momentum Package you receive:

  • The Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind course (lifetime access)
  • 12 private 1:1 coaching sessions that you can use ANY time for ANY reason at all
  • Option to join The Nourishment Lounge for a monthly fee at any time


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I want you to see SUCCESS so to make sure you are in the program that’s right for you I’m offering a

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Truthfully, I’m 100% confident that if you put the effort in you will see results. That confidence comes from the results and impact this program has had on past students who stayed committed.

I’m confident that, as you do the work, you will see an inspiring transformation in both body and mind. However, the course won't work if you don't actually try it. So we ask that you dive in with an open mind and an open heart. Give it a try and give yourself a chance to transform your whole relationship with food and eating. 

So jump on in. If you feel like it's not for you, you can request a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.


I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with you!

I’m Michelle Tubman, an emergency physician in Alberta, Canada. I am also an overweight woman who has struggled for decades with my own weight and body image. I have spent my adult life constantly battling the urge to overeat with my desire to be thin and healthy. 

As a physician, I understood the nutritional aspects of a healthy diet, but having the knowledge wasn’t enough to produce the changes I wanted in my body. And so I pursued extra training in life coaching, nutrition coaching, the science of habit formation, and eating psychology. 

And this is where the magic is. There is so much work that needs to happen on the inside before we can see changes on the outside.

I founded Wazya Health + this program to help successful, professional women who, after years of dieting, understand that optimal weight and health is more than calories-in-calories-out. 

I want to help women listen to that quiet voice inside that tells them there’s deeper work to be done when it comes to weight and body image.

Michelle Tubman MD - About
Not sure if Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind is right for you?

The program is for you if:

  • You want to stop stress eating, emotional eating, or mindless snacking
  • You have tried just about everything to lose weight and nothing has worked over the long-term
  • You are tired of thinking about food all of the time
  • You’ve finally reached the point where you no longer want to struggle with your weight
  • You’re committed to doing whatever it takes to lose the weight once and for all

The program is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix (that approach does not work!!)
  • You are looking for a meal plan or another set of diet rules to follow - you won't find that here
  • You aren't willing to do some deep work - healing emotional eating requires you to face your painful emotions
  • You aren't willing to make permanent changes to your eating or lifestyle
  • You don't struggle in some way with overeating, mindless snacking, stress eating or emotional eating (not everyone with extra weight does!)

Why is today the day to join

Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind? 


If nothing has changed by now, where do you think you'll be in 6 months if you don't take massive action in support of your health?

How much longer are you willing to delay your health goals?

And if you aren't moving actively towards your health goals, you're passively moving away from them, which means you are going to continue to spin your wheels in frustration.

If you want to create different results, you have to try something different. What got you here won't get you there, my friend!

Still trying to decide if it’s right for you?

Join now 

 Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind

Nourish Yourself: Body +Mind

$279 CDN

Course Only

Option to join The Nourishment Lounge on checkout.

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Best Value

Thrive Coaching Package - Your All-Access passThrive Package

$1,700 CAD

Payment plan available

Your all-access pass includes:

  • Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind course
  • 12 private coaching sessions
  • One full year in The Nourishment Lounge
  • Care package mailed to your door
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Momentum Package


Payment plan available.

Includes the Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind course PLUS 12 private coaching sessions.

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