058: Being Your Best Self With Ariel Bredder

Do you ever see your friends post about #livingmybestlife on social media and roll your eyes? Yeah, I do too. What does that even mean? I dive into that on this episode with Ariel Bredder, a fellow life coach. Together, we dismantle what it actually means to become the best version of yourself…and spoiler alert, it’s not about showing off on Instagram!

Specifically, you’ll hear about:

  • Internal versus external motivators
  • What boundaries are and why they are so important
  • How to identify your personal values (and then live them)
  • Why embracing the best version of yourself is important for successful weight loss.

To learn more about Ariel, check out her website (www.beyoutifulchick.com). You can find her podcast, It’s Time To Be You, here and everywhere you stream podcasts. 

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