061: Transforming Your Health From the Inside Out with Sue Hitzmann

Do you struggle with chronic pain, or just not feeling fantastic in your body? If so, you’ll want to tune in to this episode.

I talk with Sue Hitzmann, exercise physiologist, neurofascial researcher, and creator of the MELT Method. We discuss not only why we feel pain or discomfort in our body, but what we can do ease it, and even prevent it. 

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between acute pain, chronic pain, and sudden chronic pain
  • How the accumulated stress of daily living can lead to stress and what we should do about it
  • How to recognize “pre-pain” signals and what to do to prevent chronic pain
  • How you can actively participate in boosting your body’s natural repair systems
  • The importance of mindset in creating self-care habits, and the mindset shifts you need to get started

To learn more about Sue and the MELT method, you can find her on Facebook or Instagram or on her website: meltmethod.com.

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