066: Waking Up To A Life You Love with Stacy McAlpine

When was the last time you woke up in the morning feeling excited about your life? So much of the weight loss journey is about finding the joy in your life again and feeling fulfilled without the food. In this episode, I'm joined by Stacy McAlpine, a life transformation specialist. We talk about:

  • How to shift from a life of "shoulds" to one you truly love waking up to
  • One thing you can do RIGHT NOW to life a more fulfilling life
  • How to start following through on the promises you make to yourself
  • How to set yourself up for a kickass week

Stacy would like to offer you 2 free tickets to one of her Walk-the-Talk Weekend programs. To claim your tickets, head over to www.walkthetalkweekend.com and mention the Mindful Weight Loss podcast.

To work with Michelle, visit www.wayzahealth.com.


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