069: Shadow Beliefs and Unconscous Commitments with Nancy Pickard

Nancy Pickard is an integrative life coach and on this episode of the podcast, she shares with us how to get out of autopilot and move beyond our fears. She teaches us how our shadow beliefs hold us back, and how our unconscious commitments keep us stuck in our old unhelpful patterns. 

Nancy shows us exactly how to do this by coaching me through my own shadow beliefs and the fears that are holding me back. It was a powerful process for me, and it will be for you too!

Learn more about Nancy at her website: https://nancypickardlifecoach.com/

You can also find her book on Amazon by clicking here.

Want to experience coaching for yourself? Join Nourish Yourself with Michelle by visiting https://www.wayzahealth.com/nourish-yourself



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