070: Exploring Boundaries with Dana Skaggs

One thing that ALWAYS comes up when I'm coaching women on weight loss is boundaries. There's a tendency to put everyone else first, and only take care of ourselves if there is time/energy/bandwidth at the end of the day to do so. We don't know how to say no to others because we've never given ourselves the opportunity to try.

Weight loss requires you to prioritize yourself, and sometimes that means enforcing boundaries in your life. But what exactly are boundaries?

In this episode, I'm joined by psychotherapist Dana Skaggs, an expert on boundaries. Together, we explore:

  • What boundaries are (and also what they aren't)
  • Why boundaries are important (and how they can actually strengthen your relationships)
  • How to set healthy boundaries in your life

To learn more about Dana and listen to her podcast, head on over to https://phoenixandflame.com/.

If you need help with boundaries on your weight loss journey, join me over in Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind, our premier group coaching program: https://www.wayzahealth.com/nourish-yourself.