Struggling with weight and body image?

Reclaim joy and confidence and get the results you want with weight loss coaching

Let’s get started

Struggling with weight and body image?

Reclaim joy and confidence and get the results you want with weight loss coaching

Let’s get started

Never let your weight be the thing that stops you from living the life you deserve

The diet industry would have you believe that you MUST be thin to be worthy of the career, relationship, or life of your dreams. Coaching helps you understand that weight loss is only one piece of the puzzle. In Wayza Health programs you learn how to lose weight, but you also learn how to step into your self-confidence and reclaim the life you any size. 

Regain control over food and emotional eating

Being on the diet rollercoaster for years (or even decades!) leaves you believing the key to weight loss is counting calories or points, restricting the foods you love, and feeling hungry all the time. At Wayza Health, you learn how to manage your mind and change the way you THINK about food and eating. And you learn how to manage your emotions in a different way, so you no longer have to eat to feel better. The result is weight loss that feels almost effortless.

Lose your weight...and keep it off for good

At Wayza Health we teach you how to leave diet culture behind and tap into the wisdom of your own body. You learn how to listen to your body's signals and give it what needs to feel truly nourished, energized, and healthy. Once you learn how to truly live in your body again, you'll have the skills you need to stay at your healthy weight through all of life's major changes.

Successful, permanent weight loss depends on how you THINK and FEEL about food, weight and your body. The very first step is getting your mindset right. Learn how in this free Getting Started Guide.

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Join us in Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind - a 6-month program that will guide you through all the steps you need to lose your weight and keep it off for good. You'll learn how to manage stress eating, binge eating, and emotional eating, and change your relationship with food for good. 

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Everything in my life is better. I'm not as angry, I don't feel frustrated, and I'm not so reactive anymore. I'm making better food choices and it feels easy. I feel lighter. In fact, I'm at the lowest weight I've been at in years! This is so much more than a weight loss program.


Working with Michelle has been life-changing! I used to have a very toxic relationship with food and would use it as a punishment. I always felt as though I failed. I now understand it isn't about denying myself certain foods, it is about planning ahead and allowing myself joy eats. Life is much more enjoyable for me because I am not constantly stressing about eating! I am no longer afraid of food and I feel free! 

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Dec 05, 2021

Hi I’m Michelle,

I help ambitious women who struggle with weight and body image transform their relationship with food and body so they can reclaim joy and confidence on their weight loss journey.

I have been overweight my entire adult life. And after trying (and failing!) every diet system out there, I set out on a mission to learn why so many women struggle to lose weight, and what REALLY works for sustainable weight loss.

Here’s what I discovered: if the methods aren’t sustainable, the results aren’t sustainable either.  And it’s a deeply personal journey. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to start where you’re at and keep it simple.

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